Strategy of Accipitridae

Accipitridae: starts by replacing the most inner primary (p1) and continues neatly towards the outer part of the wing so that the most outer primary (p10) is the last feather to be replaced. Shortly after replacing a few inner primaries, the moult of the secondaries starts but this time, from three different moult centers: 1) the most outer secondary (s1); 2) a middle secondary (s5); and 3) the most inner one (numbering depending on the species’s size). From s1, the moult proceeds towards s5. From s5, the moult proceeds towards the most inner secondary. The last secondaries to moult are s4, s8 and s9.


Mila negre
Photo (Fran Trabalon) taken from the book: AVES RAPACES DE EUROPA (Ollé and Trabalon, Omega 2019).