ID: LESSER KESTREL. Sex of juveniles and female

A. 1cy male. © Toni Pérez.  1. Clean set of upperwing coverts with a few scattered spots, especially obvious on the lesser coverts. 2. Thin streaks in the greater coverts. 3. Thin but wider streaks on the flanks. 4. Grey in the uppertail coverts and at least, at the base of the tail which sometimes extends throughout the tail.
B. 1cy female. © Dhairya Dixit.  1. Back with wide bands along the mantle and obvious spots in the wing uppercoverts. 2. Greater coverts with wide dark bands, curved towards the sides, often meeting each other. 3. Thick streaks on the flanks with an arrow-head design. 4. Tail and uppertail coverts completely brown, with no grey tips.
C. Adult female. © Ramon Fortià. 1. Back with thin dots. 2. Greater coverts with relatively wide and straight bands. 3. Breast and body with arrow-shaped or heart-shaped dots on the flanks. 4.Grey uppertail coverts and grey base of the tail, similar to juvenile male but with thinner and more complete bands.


Elaboration of the collage: Joan Goy.
Text: Àlex Ollé.
Photos: Toni Pérez, Dhairya Dixit and Ramon Fortià.