Eleonora’s Falcon. Juvenile 2cy.

Falcó de la Reina Falco eleonorae. Juvenil de 2n any calendari. Juny. Catalunya / Eleonora’s Falcon. Juvenile 2cy. June. Catalonia. Miguel Ángel Fuentes
  • Similar al Falcó mostatxut, del que es diferencia per unes terciàries barrades i sense taca clara al clatell / Similar to the Eurasian Hobby, which is distinguished by a barred tertials and without white patch in the nape.

Booted Eagle. Immature 3cy

Àguila calçada Aquila pennata. Inmatur 3r any cal. Febrer. Catalunya / Booted Eagle. Immature 3cy. February. Catalonia. Joan Ferrer.
  • Muda a les rèmiges, amb plomes adultes a pp1-6, i ss1-2, 56 i 11. També i com a mínim a les rectrius centrals i externes / Moult in to remiges, with adult feathers in pp1-6, and ss1-2, 5-6 and 11. Also at least the central and external feathers tail.